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How to Build Strength With Short Workouts

Are You Tired of Working Out With no Strength or Muscle Gains?

Build strength with short workouts? It can definitely be done.  Don’t underestimate the strength building capability of a 30-35 minutes workout. Research has proven men were twice as likely to stick to an exercise program when they performed shorter workouts  — 30-35 minutes — than when they did longer sessions. They also had better results by  growing bigger muscles with increased strength, which also helped them to lose fat while increasing speed and endurance, due to their high intensity training. If you can’t hit the weights, there are many workouts you can do without equipment.  You can do some high intensity interval cardio such as sprints.

You can break your weight training sessions into shorter, body part specific routines. This shorter workout will be more intense, therefore you can build more muscle by focusing on specific muscle groups. Learn more in my book “The 12 Week Muscle Builder“.

You Can Build Strength With Short Workouts:  Because 10 Minutes of High Intensity Training is All You Need

When people skip a workout, there’s a greater chance they’ll miss an exercise session the following week. If you don’t have time for a complete workout, take 10 minutes to do a few sets from your routine. This short workout will keep you from losing muscle strength. Working out everyday is a very high level of commitment for anyone, and is not necessary for general fitness. Striving for three workouts  per week will be more beneficial.

Remember to make fitness a lifestyle and it won’t be a chore to workout. Your workouts should seamlessly blend into your daily routine the same as school or work. Short High Intensity workouts are better than long low intensity sessions. These short workout routines are great if you workout at home. You can get a quick workout while the baby is asleep. My article,  “Get Ripped Quick with Only 3 Exercises” is a very good high intensity cardio routine, that can be done at home.

You Can Get Really Strong

Yes, Strongman training is another way to build strength. This type of training can build strength for real life activities such as moving furniture. This is called “functional strength”  because the objects you lift are not balanced, thus feeling heavier than they really are.



Is Shoulder pain restricting your bench press progress,? The Bandbell barbell is used for shoulder rehab.  For powerlifters and everyday workout enthusiasts, the benefits are simply amazing. The Bars oscillating motion of the light weights strengthen the joint by building maximum strength, balance and flexibility in the shoulder stabilizer muscles.


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